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Life without smartphone

April 3rd, 2023  

I switched to dumbphone on January 30th , 2023. It’s been a bit over 2 months as I’m writing this. I also used it for half of the 2022.


Two major reasons: it’s good for my wellbeing and doesn’t allow corporations to spy on me that much.  

Life gets so much calmer without staying in touch 24/7. Smartphone really disturbs you by forcing to constantly be online. Someone needs you? They will wait until you are in the mood to check your mail. No distracting stimuli. Easier to concentrate.


I don't reach for my phone the exact second i got slightly bored, I'm left alone with my thoughts instead. Life gets more real.



I'll be honest, it's not easy and comes with a lot of disadvantages. The modern world is not suited for people without smartphones and everyone expects you to have one. But for me the benefits outweigh the cons.


My phone is motorola razr v3i. I think razr is one of the coolest looking phones ever made.. The keyboard looks like a CD! I'm sad that my razr is silver instead of pink though..