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My Sylvanian Families collection

November 15th, 2023

I had a part-time job as a math tutor last year and I spent my first tutoring money on the set of two babies dressed as sea creatures... The shark one is a puppy and the stingray is a mole. I also have a baby squirrel with a star tambourine from a blind bag.


White Mouse Family

I was obsessed with mice in childhood (still am...). Had like 12 mouse plushies, really liked drawing them, used to draw mouse cities a lot, like, systems of mouseholes. Used up several thick notebooks solely on mice. Also every time we had a play in kindergarten or elementary school I would play a mouse.

And parents bought me a Sylvanian Families set called White Mouse Family when I was around 5. I searched my grandma's storage recently and managed to find 2 figures from that set. You can see how loved they were... I really played a lot with them.

I cleaned them and made new clothes since the old ones were lost. It was also my first sewing project! I found patterns here and followed guides from this channel. Also found a cool kimono pattern for them.


Chocolate Rabbit School Music Set

A precious gift from my boyfriend.


And here are all of the figures playing together in an orchestra...

I wonder what song they would play?

  They are called Calico Critters in the US.